DIY Glass Canning Jar Oil Lamp

A DIY Glass Canning Jar Olive Oil Lamp Cheaper than Candles!

Whether you want to create a romantic ambiance or take a long soak in a tub full of water or just need a quick light in times of emergency, this glass jar Olive Oil Lamp is a must have for your homestead.  Make this simple olive oil lamp using easy to find household materials.  Olive oil lamps have been around for thousands of years.

The benefits of using olive oil is that it is reliable, burns bright, burns long and much safer than a candle or kerosene lamps.  If the light gets knocked over, it stops burning…period.  By using a canning jar for your lamp, you can just put a lid on it and sit it on a shelf when you are not using it.

If you want a brighter light, use a 1/2 inch or less flat or braided wick instead of  cotton string or twine.   Adjustments will need to be made to the wire.  Can’t locate a wick or cotton string or twine in an emergency?   Cut into strips a 100% piece of cloth.  It’s all good. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/