DIY Old Glass Window Greenhouse

Imagine How You Can Recycle Old Windows Into a Glass Window Greenhouse

glasswindow-ghHave you ever had a desire for your own greenhouse?  A Greenhouse can be so much more than a place to start seedlings or protect young plants. A well designed “greenhouse” can be used for multiple purposes. With good planning, your greenhouse can serve as a place to not only expand your growing season, but also grow food year round. It can also be used as a workshop or a little quiet spot for reading and relaxing.

One key factor in building DIY affordable greenhouses is the challenge of working with recycled windows of various shapes and sizes.  So many of these are just tossed away as homeowners remodel homes. Check out local auctions, yard and garage sales or to scavenge for free or cheap materials.

Plan your greenhouse design around the size and type of all windows you have gathered together. As you find you various window styles, you will probably find other pieces that can be incorporated into your design and activate your imagination.

Keep the following points in mind as you create your design:

  • Provide Ventilation especially during the summer
  • Brace your roof sufficiently using 2 X 4 Vertical braces to add support from the weight of snow and wind.
  • A greenhouse is a great place to raise worm in bins.
  • Consider a larger greenhouse which could house a small chicken flock during the winter.
  • Be sure to protect your foundation
  • Consider the Proper Size for your needs.
  • Think ahead about possible expansion when you choose your location. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/