Egg Preservation Techniques

Too Many Eggs?  There are a few long-term Egg Preservation Techniques that Work.

Have you ever wondered how people preserved their eggs for many months before the invention of electricity?

Actually there were several methods that people used. From burying eggs in salt or in wheat bran or wood ashes to coating the eggs with lard, oil or varnish. Not a big success rate using any of those methods, but people used what they had available. This video explains the top 6 egg preservation techniques, but there are only two methods that work well.

The First Rule is to Never use store bought eggs as they will not keep.  Always use Fresh eggs, unwashed but clean eggs that are free of any cracks.

The two best egg preserving methods are Immersion in “water Glass” which is sodium silicate.

While the most common and successful egg preservation method were Immersion in Lime water.

Dissolve 1 ounce of hydrated lime to 1 quart of Cold Water

Prepare a crock pot or a barrel by quicklime to cover the bottom, add the layers of eggs and fill the crock with the hydrated lime water mixture until all the eggs are covered and then put a lid on. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/