Relaxing Lavender Lemonade

Take a Break and Get Refreshed with Relaxing Lavender Lemonade

If you don’t have a patch of Lavender growing on your homestead, you should.  Cold lemonade is the perfect refreshing drink on a hot summer day.  Add Lavender to your lemonade for the best relaxing refreshing beverage.

Lavender is not only beautiful and it has a wonderful aroma that seems to have a calming effect on your senses and tends to promote relaxation.  Lavender has been cherished for centuries for it’s many therapeutic benefits, including bathing, relaxation, cooking, perfume and to sooth skin irritations.  If you do not have lavender plants growing around your home, you might want to consider keeping a small bottle of lavender essential oil in your bathroom or medicine cabinet.

The next time you make a pitcher of lemonade remember to add some lavender to it.  You can use the Lavender flowers as shown in the How to Make Lavender Lemonade video below.  If you do not have the Lavender flowers,  you can a few drops of the Lavender essential oil. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/