Suet – Rendering and Uses

Suet – Rendering and Uses

Suet is more time consuming than difficult to render.  It was used in cooking, food, preservation and many other products.  The suet rendering process is almost a forgotten art as the final product has been replaced with modern synthetic products.

As a homesteader, suet is making a comeback.  Purchase it from your local butcher.  Be sure that you get the real deal and not just regular fat. There is a difference. Suet comes from the loin and kidney region of the beef or other livestock.

Suet is hard and has a different melting point and different flavor from regular body fat. Make sure what you purchase is creamy white without any discoloration. Note that it must be refrigerated or it will grow rancid rapidly.

How to Render Suet in 8 Steps

1. Slice off a piece of suet.
2. Pull it apart and remove all the inner connective tissue, blood vessels, etc as you only want the suet.
3. Dice up all the suet pieces in to very small pieces.
4. Add minced suet to either a cast iron pot or a slow cooker. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/